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Empower Linux Command Line With Screen Capturing Capability Through Scrot

I have been a Linux command line addict for many years now. Though I use Ubuntu 12.04 these days but still I spend most of the time on command line. I like to do most of my tasks through command line only. While I am pretty happy with what all I am able to do through command line but still there are few tasks for which I have to use other (GUI based) applications. One of these tasks was taking a screen-shot. I have always used graphical applications for taking screen-shots on Linux. Honestly speaking I never thought that Linux command line can be used to take a screen shot until I encountered the scrot utility.

The scrot utility can be used to take screen-shots from command line. There are various options available with this command that make this utility equally powerful and flexible as its graphical peers. In this article we will discuss some important and useful features of scrot utility through practical examples.
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Top 3 Upcoming Linux Based Mobile OS That Can Challenge Android

Not very long ago, it was Apple’s iOS that was ruling the world of smart-phones. At that point of time, not many could think that soon another mobile OS would penetrate and eat-up a significant amount of market from Apple’s iOS. But, it did happen with Google’s Android. This Linux based mobile OS came and quickly became more popular than iOS. The amazing part of the story is that all this happened within no time.

One could easily argue that the success of Android was obvious because it was backed none other than Google but still If you try to dig in a bit more, you’ll see that a major reason of such a huge impact of Android was it being Linux-based and open-source. Being Linux-based automatically helped Android with all the positives of Linux and being open-source helped it with all the positives of community contribution. And I personally feel that the killer combination Google+Linux+OpenSource is responsible for where Android is today.

But, just as most of us could not anticipate Android sweeping the market while iOS was the world leader in smart-phones, it’s difficult today to anticipate any other mobile OS coming out of nowhere and eating out the market from Android or iOS. But, this is the world of technology and here anything can happen.
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