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LibreOffice For Beginners – Six Feature Packed Applications To Get You Started

LibreOffice is a powerful office productivity suite which is completely free and open source. It comes as an easy alternative for MS-Office with fully loaded features. This product is compatible with various operating systems and office suites including Microsoft Office. It has very intuitive user interface which includes the following :

  • Word processor
  • Impress
  • Calc
  • Draw
  • Math
  • Base.

If you are used to MS-Office but want to switch over to a free and open source alternative the you must give LibreOffice a try. This comprehensive office suite gives you high professional quality productivity. In this article, keeping in mind the theme ( LibreOffice for beginners ), we will briefly explain six feature-packed applications of LibreOffice that will definitely help you to get started with this amazing office suite.

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