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Linux Processes explained – Part II

In the part -I, we got a basic understanding of Linux processes and saw how the various Linux commands help us to explore the various processes running in the system. In this part of the discussion, we shall get our hands dirty by creating certain processes and get hold of the memory layout in the RAM.

Sometimes we use the terms process and program interchangeably. However, under legitimate glossary, programs and processes are absolutely different terms. When we write a source code of some logic, it is a file which is stored in the hard disk. This file on the hard disk is called as a program. However, when we run this program (i.e. the program executable, obtained after compiling and linking), it creates its own memory space in the RAM. This running instance is a process. A process can be initiated in two significant ways. One, as we just mentioned above, by running a built executable/command from a Linux shell and other, from within a program. We shall discuss programmatic approach more in further sections.
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