Daily Archives: 22/04/2013

Linux newbie – 10 reasons why I won’t miss Windows

Linux has been a persistent subject to debate since its inception. People have various perceptions for this Operating System like some people believe that Linux is meant only for geeks, others believe that it is difficult to understand when compared to Windows and so on. I was not a geek and like any other computer user, I was reluctant to switch to any other OS. But one thing that prompted me to change my machine’s OS was that I was fed up of Windows day-to-day issues.

Diffidently, I tried my hands over Linux and acclaimed it. After I started using Linux, I found that it is a must have OS on your machine and realized that what crap was I using for years. Undoubtedly during its initial years Linux had “Gurus Only” image because of its high difficulty level but these days, those gurus or geeks have simplified it nicely for everyone. Believe me that it is not at all difficult to use, it’s just that you are new to it. Once you develop a habit of working on Linux, you will get addicted to this robust and versatile OS.

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