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Command Line Calculator bc – 11 Extremely Useful Examples

bc utility is surely one of the underdogs when it comes to calculations on command line. It’s a feature rich utility that has its own fan base but needs time to get comfortable with. Here, in this article, structured in form of Q&A, let’s get comfortable with bc utility by discussing both basic and advanced features of this command line calculator.

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Linux Vim Editor Tips and Tricks – Save Time Through Macros and Bookmarks

Vim is one of the popular text editors of Linux. Because of its capabilities, there is a large fan base of this command line based text editor. In this article, we will discuss some impressive features of vim editor that can help you save a lot of time while working on vim.
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Linux Command Line Alternatives – Leave The Mouse To Rest!

My family bought our first personal computer in the Windows dominated era. So, of course, Windows was the first operating system we started using. Not just that, we even used to enjoy it unless we started learning Linux and its various flavours. Why is it so? Well, I found it better than Windows in most of the cases. (Here is an article which discusses some reasons that make Linux a better operating system for users). But one thing remained insatiable was what makes typing the commands on Linux command line a better experience than clicking impressive GUIs?


Linux Command Line vs GUI

As the saying goes, “we learn it best when we do it ourselves”, therefore after switching to Linux I personally felt the efficiency and quickness of tasks getting done through command line verses through graphical user interface (CLI vs GUI). And the major reason being, even a mouse click generates an action which will trigger the execution of the same executable as we do through the command directly. Hence, running the same task through GUI involves an extra overhead of calculating the mouse pointer coordinates, raising a click action etc. In case, there are input options required, it adds on to the overhead. All this handling of the overhead takes some time at the cost of impressive visuals and to avoid typing.

Well, to talk about deep driven merits of using command line as compared to GUI, here is a synopsis of abstract points:
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Is Baidu Eye A Real Competition To Linux Powered Google Glass?

“If you can get some inspiration from your competitor then there is nothing wrong in it”. Seems like Biadu (NASDAQ:BIDU), Chinese internet search engine company, strongly believes in this. The company has reportedly come up with a wearable glass technology, named ‘baidu eye’, that seems to be very similar to Google’s ‘glass’ that was introduced last year (2012). For reasons best known to Baidu, they claim it to be different and innovative than Google’s technology.

The news broke out around April fools day and took technology enthusiasts by surprise. While some of them appreciated the arrival of Google glass competitor, others slammed it as yet another attempt by a Chinese company to copy technology developed by an American company.
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