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Linux Non Root Exploits – 4 Ways In which Even A Normal User Can Cause Real Damage To Your Linux System

Linux is considered to be a fairly secure operating system due to the way it is designed. For example, you cannot just download an executable and accidentally run it. If you want to execute it, you have to explicitly set its executable bit ON. Similarly, if you want to tweak any system specific parameter or configuration,  you have to attain root privileges first and after doing stuff, you can de-escalate the privilege level. These types of security pillars work well to ensure that Linux system doesn’t get exploited easily.

Most of the Linux users have this perception that as long as a hacker does not attain root privileges, there is not much damage that he/she can do to a Linux system. I would say it is true but to a certain extent only. And to prove my point, here, in this article, I will discuss 4 ways in which access to a Linux box even with non-root privileges can cause some serious damage.

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