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By | 08/08/2013

Command line browsers no longer stand against advanced GUI based browsers like Chrome, Firefox etc. But, there was a time when these were the only means to access internet. People still use them primarily to test their websites for any search engine bot crawling issues. So, you see that command line browsers can help you improve SEO of your website. Other than this, command line browsers are used where internet connections are slow or the system is too old to support GUI based web browsers.

Lynx — text based web browser — is also used as text to speech application for visually impaired. It is one of the oldest web browser that was developed in 1992 and is still being actively used and developed. It is more than 20 years old browser but is still a buzz with website administrators who use or want to use Google ad-sense as the company itself recommends Lynx.

In this article, I will present you the best articles (from around the web) that review command line browser Lynx.

Command Line browser Lynx Reviews

Detailed reviews

Here are some excellent articles that review web browser Lynx.



  • Article on Arstechnica – A proof that people still use Lynx. Nate — deputy editor Arstechnica — takes a look at some statistics of the number of users visiting their site through text browsers.
  • News from Linuxreviews – A Solaris OS user was arrested by British Police for using Lynx. Weird!!


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