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By | 12/08/2013

Midori is a GTK based, open-source and lightweight web browser that uses Webkit engine to render web pages. It has a minimalistic user interface that is best for those users who do not need (or want to use) browsers with advanced features. In this article, I will present you the best articles (from around the web) that review lightening fast and lightweight web browser Midori.


Midori web browser reviews

All the reviews linked here are not necessarily for the latest version but should give you a good idea of what are the major pros and cons of this web browser.

Detailed reviews

  • Review from Techradar – A review of top 8 lightweight web browsers. This specific review compares Midori with Epiphany.
  • Review from MakeUseOf – A review focused on the features and preferences in Midori.
  • Review from MakeTechEasier – A pretty comprehensive review that starts with explanation of basic features, touch bases on web application support and then finally discusses some problems related to Midori.
  • Review from TechDriveIn – Another good review on Midori vs Epiphany.
  • Review from Thoughts On Computing blog – An excellent review that focuses on user’s personal encounters with the positive and negative aspects of this browser.

Other useful reviews


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