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By | 06/09/2013

Do you know how much space on your system is occupied by junk files and folders? How many of you bother to do a regular clean-up? If you are tired of cleaning up extra space occupied by junk files/folders for each application (that you use daily) and want an application that can do this clean-up activity effectively then BleachBit is the solution.



BleachBit – The Disk Cleaner

 BleachBit is a GUI application that can effectively free disk space by deleting cache, cookies, internet history, temporary files and folders etc. It takes care of junk data produced by various applications like Google Chrome, Firefox, Bash history, Vim editor etc. Besides freeing extra files and folders, BleachBit is also used for file shredding so that deleted files cannot be recovered and also supports wiping of freed disk space.

NOTEAll the screen-shots in this article were taken by running BleachBit on Ubuntu13.04.

A Brief Tutorial

The BleachBit application can be triggered both from GUI and command line. Here is how the main window of this application looks like :


So you can see that the left part of the window lists the main applications along with respective file categories that a user can tick to select. The right part of the main window displays detailed information about each category of files under the selected the application.

Once a user selects an application along with file categories under it then pressing Preview button at the top- left corner of the window provides details of the files that this application will delete along with a total estimate.


At this moment, user can press the Clean button to trigger the clean-up process.


Here are some of the important links related to BleachBit :

Though the download page provides access to the latest version of this application, I downloaded this application directly from Ubuntu Software Centre. The version of BleachBit used for this article is 0.9.3.


  • One stop clean-up solution for most of the junk files/folders residing on your system.
  • Supports clean-up of applications like APT, Bash, Firefox, Flash, Google Chrome, KDE, Konqueror, Thunderbird, Vim, VLC etc.
  • Supports clean-up of junk System files/folders, X11 debug logs etc
  • Supports shredding of files.
  • Provides estimate of all
  • Can run both in normal user as well as root mode



  • Missing select all button to select all the application in a single go
  • Clean-up of some applications may take long time.


BleachBit is a useful utility if you want to clean-up your system easily. It provides one point control over the application specific junk that you want to delete. The good part is that it caters to normal users as well as system administrators . Try it out, it is a good tool to have in your armoury.

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