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How To Get Pidgin Working With Gtalk And Avoid “not authorized” Error

Today, I was looking for a way to permanently remain online in Gmail chat even if the window is not active. I stumbled upon a suggestion to install an internet messenger like Pidgin and connect it to Gtalk in order to remain online. I decided to download, install and use Pidgin to solve my problem […]

Q&A – 8 Practical Examples To Get You Kick Started With Wildcards In Bash

Globbing is nothing but path-name expansion and wildcards are used to perform globbing on Linux command line. Here, in this article, we will discuss how wild-cards can be used to make life easy for a command line user. Please note that it is the shell (bash in this case) that does the required globbing. Neither OS, […]

5 Useful Linux Command Line tricks For Beginners

Command line short-cuts are an interesting way to keep beginners motivated while working on the Linux command line. It not only keeps them engaged but also gives them the much required confidence to work on Linux command line. This article will present 5 useful command line short-cuts for beginners.