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5 Useful Linux Command Line tricks For Beginners

Command line short-cuts are an interesting way to keep beginners motivated while working on the Linux command line. It not only keeps them engaged but also gives them the much required confidence to work on Linux command line. This article will present 5 useful command line short-cuts for beginners.

Researched for YOU – Best articles to study cat command in Linux

cat command is one of the very popular command line utilities in Linux. It is mostly used to view contents of a file on command line but can do a lot more than that. In fact it derives its name from the word concatenate which means that it was primarily developed to concatenate multiple files. Here in […]

Funny And Interesting Linux Commands – Part II

In part-I  of this article series, we covered many interesting and funny Linux command line utilities. I am pretty sure, many readers would connect to me, when I say, such commands and utilities work as great stress relievers in between the work. So, definitely, we want more. So here in this article, we shall discuss […]

5 Really Cool Linux Command Line Tricks To Solve Real World Problems

Command line is lot more than working inside the box. You can do amazing stuff with command line. In this article, we will focus on 5 real world problems/requirements and their solutions from Linux command line prospective. We will study new tricks and usage of useful scripts and command line utilities. NOTE – All the […]

In-depth coverage of 3 Popular Command Line Music Players for Linux

Command line is one of the strongest merits of Linux and that is the reason it has a very strong following.  When it comes to performance and convenient interactivity, command line users want everything command line and text-based including music players. Therefore, in this article we shall be discussing three of the most popular and […]

Capture Screen, Window or User Defined Area Using gnome-screenshot Utility

Many of us use ‘Prnt Scrn’ key to capture snapshots for our day-to-day work. On Ubuntu there is a bug that disables this key when a drop down menu of a program is open. I too faced the same problem and looked around for a tool that might do the required job. After a bit […]

cal & ncal – Linux Commands To Display Calendar Information

Linux provides ncal and cal utilities which can be used to display calendar on command line. Once you get used to them, you’ll realize that things are faster with these utilities as compared to manually looking for calendars in GUI. Both of these utilities, when combined, provide a rich set of options through which you […]

Hash Tables – using hash command and available implementations

Introduction to Hash Tables Hash table is a data structure to store key value pairs. As in, a table where each entry has a key and a corresponding value. In other words, it is like an array with indices having the flexibility to be of any type i.e. integer, float, char, string, etc. Henceforth, these […]