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How To Get Pidgin Working With Gtalk And Avoid “not authorized” Error

Today, I was looking for a way to permanently remain online in Gmail chat even if the window is not active. I stumbled upon a suggestion to install an internet messenger like Pidgin and connect it to Gtalk in order to remain online. I decided to download, install and use Pidgin to solve my problem […]

5 Really Cool Linux Command Line Tricks To Solve Real World Problems

Command line is lot more than working inside the box. You can do amazing stuff with command line. In this article, we will focus on 5 real world problems/requirements and their solutions from Linux command line prospective. We will study new tricks and usage of useful scripts and command line utilities. NOTE – All the […]

Ubuntu “Print Screen” Bug – Create A Keyboard ShortCut For Screenshot To Avoid The Problem

The other day I was trying to capture screen-shot of a drop down menu of a program on my Ubuntu 13.04 box and I was shocked to note that the print screen key went completely inactive. Initially I thought that there could be some problem with the key itself but after some time I noticed […]

All you wanted to know about workspaces in Ubuntu Linux

Workspaces can be thought of as virtual screens or desktops which can be used to manage your open programs easily by grouping them together. Each workspace has same panels, menus etc. It’s just that they are separated from each other so that user can segregate his/her work. For example, I personally keep all my work […]

Ubuntu 13.04 – How To Get Rid Of “System Program Problem Detected” error

Its been a couple of weeks since I have been using Ubuntu 13.04. As far as the look & feel is concerned, its more or less same as Ubuntu 12.04 while with my daily work too I have not encountered something which has drastically changed. But there is something that started annoying me for past […]