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wattOS (R8) ditches Ubuntu in favor of Debian

Looking for an open source Linux distribution that can conserve more power (so that you can have, for example, a longer-lasting laptop battery) and run better on older hardware without compromising on features or performance that you’d expect from a full power system? wattOS could be the answer. While other lightweight Linux distributions like Puppy […]

Researched For You – Best Articles That Review Lightweight Web Browser Midori

Midori is a GTK based, open-source and lightweight web browser that uses Webkit engine to render web pages. It has a minimalistic user interface that is best for those users who do not need (or want to use) browsers with advanced features. In this article, I will present you the best articles (from around the […]

Researched For YOU – Best Articles That Review Command Line Web Browser Lynx

Command line browsers no longer stand against advanced GUI based browsers like Chrome, Firefox etc. But, there was a time when these were the only means to access internet. People still use them primarily to test their websites for any search engine bot crawling issues. So, you see that command line browsers can help you […]

LibreOffice For Beginners – Six Feature Packed Applications To Get You Started

LibreOffice is a powerful office productivity suite which is completely free and open source. It comes as an easy alternative for MS-Office with fully loaded features. This product is compatible with various operating systems and office suites including Microsoft Office. It has very intuitive user interface which includes the following : Word processor Impress Calc […]

Cscope – A developer’s tool for browsing source code

When we talk about projects in C/C++, or any other programming languages, it is pretty common that as the project advances, the lines of code increases, and hence increases the number of source files in the project. Although, as a developer, it is always intended to make the sources more and more organized, predictable and […]

GIMP Image Editor – Part 2 (Selection tools explained)

GIMP image editor provides a complete set of basic editing tools that let you perform variety of tasks. Broadly, these tools fall under five major categories known as Selection tools, Paint tools, Transform tools, Color tools and Other tools. In part-I of this series we presented an overview of these tools.