Funny And Interesting Linux Commands – Part II

By | 05/08/2013


The above title very well suggests, what are coming to us next. I love penguins, especially as it is the one which has been chosen as the symbol for Linux.

So, here the penguins of Linux will be coming out to meet us.

Nothing new, first we have to install it,

$ sudo apt-get install xpenguins

Without any wait, lets run it.

$ xpenguins

One can see, lots of penguins over the top of your terminal. They looks like




Now, this is simply ecstatic. It is an amazing audio-visual demo created using ASCII characters. It provides loads of information too, just as a short movie.

The installation works pretty much as the usual way,

$ sudo apt-get install bb

Running is,

$ bb

It asks certain options and then little pre-calculations before it gets started.

Here is one of the snapshot, but literally it won’t emulate even 1% of the actual animation. My recommendation, please don’t miss this one. You will love it.



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