Install and configure Ubuntu one

By | 29/09/2012


Ubuntu one is a cloud service offered by the canonical team. It’s the same team that works hard to improve Ubuntu year on year. The purpose of Ubuntu one is to have a centralized access to your stuff like Documents, music, pictures, contacts etc. The total free storage offered by default is 5GB and you can pay extra for more space if required. Here in this article, we will discuss the installation and configuration of Ubuntu one on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Install and configure Ubuntu One


The installation

  • In Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, there will be an icon for Ubuntu One on the list of icons displayed at the left hand side of the screen. Just click that icon to start the installation process.

  • As the Ubuntu One icon is clicked, an installer opens up. click the install button there.

  •  The installation requires you to be root user or one with administrative rights. In case you are not root then installation requires you to enter root password.

  • After the step above, installation will begin. It may take 2-3 minutes depending on speed of your internet connection.


The Configuration

  • Once Ubuntu One is successfully installed, then it requires you to have an Ubuntu account. If you have one then you can click on the Sign me in with my existing account or else you can create one with I don’t have any account yet – Set me up

  • As I had an existing account, so I went ahead with it.  You need to enter existing account details to sign in and proceed further.

  • Once the sign in is successful then the following message is displayed.

  • Once you click the finish button in the screen at the last step, your Ubuntu One account is configured in basic mode. By default a sync folder named Ubuntu One is created and displayed on your installer screen.

  • The folder shown above is actually created in you home directory. What ever you put inside this folder will automatically be synced with Ubuntu One cloud service and will be available online through you Ubuntu account from anywhere.
  • If you go inside a directory Ubuntu One , there you will see another folder Shared with Me. This folder would contain anything that is shared with you by any other Ubuntu One user. To test it, just ask any of your friend to install and configure Ubuntu one and share something with you. It should appear in this folder.

  • To test a basic sync-up I put an image in Ubuntu One folder. As soon as you put it, you’ll see a sync message from Ubuntu one informing that the item is being uploaded to your Ubuntu one account.

  • Coming back to the installer, Once you click next, you will see that Installer shows you some standard folders and a button Add a folder from this computer to add some other folder from your system.

  • Suppose I select the folder Music to be synced. So I tick the folder and click Finish. The next screen shows which folder have you synced the cloud service. In our case its the Music folder.

  • You can click on the Go to the web for public and private sharing options button to see your cloud account on Ubuntu one.



  • So as you can see that the file that we shared earlier is visible in this online cloud service.


Similarly you can put any of your files, documents, pictures, music etc to access them from anywhere.

To get more information on Ubuntu One, visit their home page here.


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