Did You Know? – 15 Less Known But Interesting Facts About Linux and Linus

By | 27/05/2013

Though there are hundreds of  interesting facts about Linux but in this article I have collected 15 facts that I felt were the most interesting and lesser known.  So, Enjoy and do share if you have some more of these.

Interesting Facts About Linux


1. Linux is Obsolete

A heated debate (between Andrew S Tanenbaum and Linus Torvalds) that was focused Linux portability and it’s architecture in general. Many hackers also joined this debate.[Read More]


2. The outspoken Linus

Linus Torvalds has been outspoken at many occasions. He has tendency to get explicit (in words) if he is not happy. [Read here][Read Here][Watch This]

3. Gates Says Linux Best OS Ever

Bill Gates, At a press conference said that he personally did not like Windows and thinks that Linux is best OS ever. [Read More]

4. Was Linux invented by Bill Gates and has all the evidence removed by him?

A compelling argument made by Mr Tom Adelstein on this topic. [Read More]

5. Microsoft Linux AKA MSLinux

A Linux distro that aims to provide power of Linux with ease of use that you usually expect from Microsoft products (Oh really??). [Read More]

6. Linus was offered Job at Apple by Steve Jobs?

Yes, it’s true. Back in 2000, when Linus met Steve Jobs, he was offered a job at Apple’s Cupertino campus. [Read More]

7. GooBuntu

The Linux flavor used inside Google. [Read More]

8. Linux for supercomputers

Linux powers 90% of the world’s top supercomputers. World’s fastest super computer ‘Sequoia’ (developed by IBM) runs entirely on Linux. [Read more]


Read our article on  Awesome Devices Powered By Linux to know more awesome facts about Linux.


9. Linux in movie making business

More than 90% of servers used by Hollywood animation studios run Linux. First major movie produced on Linux was the mighty Titanic (1997). Animations for other Oscar winning movies like Avatar,lord of the rings etc were also done on Linux powered computers. [Read more]

10. The ‘Linux’ name trademark dispute

When Linus decided to name kernel as ‘Linux’, he did not register it. Later on, in 1994, a guy named William Della Croce, Jr. filed for a trademark in United States and demanded royalties from distributors of Linux. Linus torvalds won this legal battle over name ‘Linux’ in 1997. [Read more]

11. The first Linux Live CD

It was yggdrasil computing , a company, that was the first one to produce a Live-CD for it’s ‘Plug and Play’ Linux distribution known as LSX. [Read more]

12. Microsoft spends millions to counter Linux

It was believed that Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, spent $421 million to counter the growth of Linux and it’s penetration in Microsoft Windows’s market. [Read More]

13. Linux as a case study

The famous ‘Business Week Magazine’ decided to do a case study (in business field) on Linux. [Read more].

14. Hundreds of Linux Distros

There are more than 300 Linux distributions in action all over the world and the list if growing each day. [See this]

15. Linus, Steve and Bill Gates

Hate them or love them but we cannot ignore them. Here is a compilation of great quotes from these 3 men. [Read More]


NOTE - See this excellent video on How Linux is built.

6 thoughts on “Did You Know? – 15 Less Known But Interesting Facts About Linux and Linus

  1. Brandon Golway

    Way to read up on your sources because these aren’t “facts” as you stated above, #3 is clearly satire, it even says so at the bottom of the web page.

  2. Miller

    I’m pretty sure that fact number 5 is also satire.
    Did you read the “Hot topics” on the right of that page? “Microsoft Invades Cuba”, “Microsoft Monkey Colony on Mars” and so on?

    1. Himanshu Post author

      Will delete the fact once I am double sure. Thanks for pointing out though.


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