LibreOffice For Beginners – Six Feature Packed Applications To Get You Started

By | 01/04/2013

LibreOffice is a powerful office productivity suite which is completely free and open source. It comes as an easy alternative for MS-Office with fully loaded features. This product is compatible with various operating systems and office suites including Microsoft Office. It has very intuitive user interface which includes the following :

  • Word processor
  • Impress
  • Calc
  • Draw
  • Math
  • Base.

If you are used to MS-Office but want to switch over to a free and open source alternative the you must give LibreOffice a try. This comprehensive office suite gives you high professional quality productivity. In this article, keeping in mind the theme ( LibreOffice for beginners ), we will briefly explain six feature-packed applications of LibreOffice that will definitely help you to get started with this amazing office suite.


LibreOffice For Beginners



LibreOffice Writer is a word processor inside this office productivity suite. User can create text documents like letters, resumes etc. as well as include graphics, tables and charts. You can also merge the long and complex documents in it. Documents can be saved in various formats as it is compatible with ODF, HTML, Word.doc etc.

LibreOffice Writer includes a thesaurus, auto-completion, a spell checker, auto-correct and various templates. With this program, user can design and structure their documents using its style and formatting options. User can create a complete book as it gives you full platform where you can put tables, create diagrams, embed illustrations, create indexes and do much more.

Then user can do desktop publishing, calculations, create drawings, insert graphics with different formats and much more using LibreOffice word processor. Navigation is easier with LibreOffice and drag-drop feature is an add-on. You can create from a simple text document to a very complex book as this office suite has no dearth of options, you just need to explore more.















(A Snapshot of LibreOffice Word in action)



LibreOffice Calc is a spreadsheet program which is similar to Microsoft Excel. Calc can be used to calculate, analyse, and manage your data as well as modify and import Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Users can manage and save their data with spreadsheets like in excel sheets. User can easily organize the data in tabular form which also makes the analysis easier.

You can arrange your data and can quickly perform mathematical calculations over it. Calc has inbuilt functions including statistical and banking functions, that you can use to create formulas to perform complex calculations on your data. User can always add to or reorganize these spreadsheets. This program also lets you present spreadsheet data in dynamic charts as shown in the screen-shot that gets updated automatically when the data changes as well as it can convert files in various formats which LibreOffice Calc is compatible with.


pic Calc













 (A Snapshot of LibreOffice Calc in action)



LibreOffice Impress is like Microsoft power point application which lets you create smart presentations. This presentation program enables you to display information in the form of a slide show. Using Impress program, user can create professional slide shows that may include charts, drawing objects, text, multimedia and a various other items. You can even import and modify Microsoft Power-Point presentations with this program as it is compatible with MS-Power Point.

Special effects and stunning inbuilt animations will let you create powerful and effective multimedia presentations. You can create slides using multiple feature options and then choose to run them either automatically or manually. With the help of vector graphic tools, you can create impressive vector graphics in your slides.


pic Impress













(A Snapshot of LibreOffice Impress in action)



LibreOffice Draw is a drawing application like Microsoft Visio that lets you draw and make sketches right from the scratch. You can produce from simplest to complex drawings using this program. User can insert tables, charts, formulas and much more from the gallery which contains images, sounds, animations etc. You can also create vector graphics like ellipses, lines etc.

You can create 3D objects like spheres, cubes etc. and even modify them as per your requirement. Then you can display dimensions, connect objects to show relationships etc. and believe me that it is not at all difficult. It is compatible with common graphic file formats like PNG, JPG, GIF etc.


pic draw













 (A Snapshot of LibreOffice Draw in action)



Base is a database component of LibreOffice with which you can create and manage databases like you do with Microsoft Access. This program supports dBase format but you can also use Base to connect to external databases. You can use charts which enable you to present data in a form which is easy to visualize and understand. You can produce a chart from source data in a Calc spreadsheet or a Writer table.


pic base











pic chart















 (A Snapshot of LibreOffice Base in action)



LibreOffice Math function is an application which is used to type a formula directly or create it with the help of its operators, functions and formatting assistants which are listed in the selection window. This application enables you to create and edit mathematical formulas which include mathematical functions, integrals, fractions, equations and much more. You can create a formula directly in this application and insert it in your document or you can also start this application from within the Writer, Calc and Impress via menu.


pic math













 (A Snapshot of LibreOffice Math in action)


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