Linux newbie – 10 reasons why I won’t miss Windows

By | 22/04/2013

Linux has been a persistent subject to debate since its inception. People have various perceptions for this Operating System like some people believe that Linux is meant only for geeks, others believe that it is difficult to understand when compared to Windows and so on. I was not a geek and like any other computer user, I was reluctant to switch to any other OS. But one thing that prompted me to change my machine’s OS was that I was fed up of Windows day-to-day issues.

Diffidently, I tried my hands over Linux and acclaimed it. After I started using Linux, I found that it is a must have OS on your machine and realized that what crap was I using for years. Undoubtedly during its initial years Linux had “Gurus Only” image because of its high difficulty level but these days, those gurus or geeks have simplified it nicely for everyone. Believe me that it is not at all difficult to use, it’s just that you are new to it. Once you develop a habit of working on Linux, you will get addicted to this robust and versatile OS.


10 reasons why I won’t miss Windows

Here are 10 reasons why I love Linux :

1. Open Source with Zero Cost

Linux is a free and open source Operating System which means that anyone is allowed to copy the software, check its source code and redistribute it for free under GPL.

2. Terminates the Need of an Expensive Machine

Linux is such a sound OS that it works equally good on an obsolete redundant machine and give away new life to that PC. You don’t need to buy an expensive machine to run Linux.

3. High on Security

With Windows, I was always struggling to get viruses out of my system. Sometimes the system used to get dead slow because of all this crap. But, Linux is designed in such a manner that it protects your PC against viruses, malware and other intruders and I have personally experienced that my Linux machine always works smoothly.

4. Highly Stable

Yes, No blue screen of death here. With Linux, you need not to fear about loosing your important data as it never crashes down. It keeps your computer stable.

5. No Need to Install Drivers and Other Important Stuff

Linux comes with inbuilt drivers and other required stuff like web browser, movie player, image editor etc. So it definitely aborts the need of installing important stuff separately.

6. Strong Community Support

A very commendable word about Linux users and developers is that they are always there and happy to help you. There is no dearth of Linux admirers who keep helping people through web forums, emails etc.

7. Blow the Terms like “Reboot” and “De-fragmentation”

Unlike Windows, Linux never slows down because it is far beyond fragmentation and registry problems. It is a fast and efficient OS which will rarely generate the need of rebooting your machine over a very long period of time.

8. Customizable and Improves Every Second

Linux is a user’s OS as it is highly customizable. You can customize it from themes to fonts as per your requirement. People from all over the world are working over this OS and it is improving every second. Even you can confer to its growth and enrich it.

9. No installation problems

Linux can be installed along with Windows and you can play any number of games for free with this OS.

10. So many flavours

Linux comes in so many flavours that you have a wide variety to choose from. I personally use Ubuntu 12.04 and I love it. You could also try out Linux mint, debian, openSuse etc.


Well, that was all about my experience with Linux. Please share your Linux story here in comments.

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2 thoughts on “Linux newbie – 10 reasons why I won’t miss Windows

  1. florin

    I’m sorry, but 5 and 7 are bullshit. You don’t need to defragment NTFS and the support for drivers for PC is awful. The latter is not a fault of Linux, but a feature of Windows.

    Regarding 1, the zero cost is zero if you don’t value your time. Most of the Linux software and the OS its self have a steep learning curve. When you learn how to use them properly, they’re like god-sent, but, until then, it’s hell to set things up properly.

    The community support is great now but it used to suck a lot for newbies, until Ubuntu came along (thanks, Canonical!!! and thanks, Stack Exchange!!!). It took the community decades to drop its arrogance and condescending behavior. Things changed a lot in the past few years and Linux now has amazing support.


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