Quick Open : A Gedit Plugin That Lets You Quickly Open Files

By | 12/12/2013

Gedit is one of my favourite GUI-based text editor in Linux, I really like its simple UI. But, I always felt the need of a better alternative or rather quicker alternative to open files especially when it is required to be done frequently. This was the situation until I stumbled upon Quick Open, a gedit plugin that lets you quickly open files. In this article, we will understand the way it works.

Quick Open

Quick Open is a gedit plugin that lets you open files very quickly. It is a good alternative to opening files through the traditional way.

Testing Environment

  • OS – Ubuntu 13.04
  • Application – Gedit 3.8.2

A Brief Tutorial

When the plugin is enabled, a new entry ‘Quick Open’ appears in the ‘File’ menu.


Just click on this option or press Ctrl+Alt+o whenever you want to open a file. Once clicked, the following window appears :


So you can see that this window contains a list of recently opened files. In my case, as you can see in the snapshot, the list is quite long. So we can say that Quick Open plugin remembers more files than the default 5 that you can access through the File menu.

If you want to open a file which is not present in the list of recently opened files, just type the name in the text box sitting at the top.


You’ll observe that as soon as you start typing a file name, the window will start showing matching results according to it. For example, when I wrote hello it showed me hello.c and helloworld.c. You can either double-click on the file name of click the ‘Open’ button to open the file.

According to the official documentation, Quick Plugin looks for files in the following directories :

The directory of the currently opened document

The root directory of the File Browser Pane plugin

Recent documents which are also shown in the Recent folder in Files

Directories which you have bookmarked in Files

Your Desktop directory

Your Home directory


Quick Open plugin is there by default, you just need to enable it. This can be done by going to Edit->Preferences->Plugins .


Just click the check box and hit the Close button.


  • Very easy to install/enable and use.
  • Being a plugin, it can be disabled any time.


  • It has some limitations in terms of the number of directories where it looks for files


I strongly recommend this plugin especially if you are looking to save some of your precious time while opening files. You don’t even have to download it, just enable it and start using.

Have you ever used Quick Open plugin or something similar? Share your experience with us.

One thought on “Quick Open : A Gedit Plugin That Lets You Quickly Open Files

  1. erm3nda

    Sounds so good. Better to use a unique command to open OR change to a opened document. If you try to simply open a file on the same tab, just does a focus, so this plugin is for me like an allinone document manager. What i really hate is to browse folders to open a file. That’s better so far. Thank you.


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