Reditr : An Unofficial Desktop Application For Reddit

By | 03/12/2013

Reddit is a popular social news website where users submit interesting content in form of text or links and fellow users up-vote or down-vote the submissions according to their liking. The website has one of the largest following on internet and is also known as the ‘Front Page of Internet’. In this article, we will discuss a desktop application Reditr that lets users easily access reddit on Linux systems.


It is an unofficial desktop application for reddit that is available for Linux, Windows and MacOS. It can also be added to Google Chrome browser. It provides a plethora of features through a smart GUI.



Testing Environment

  • OS – Ubuntu 13.04
  • Application – Reditr

A Brief Tutorial

Lets discuss some of the main features provided by Reditr :

1. Choose Between Stream-View and Column View

After the application is installed and brought-up for the first time, a start-up screen appears. This screen provides users an option to choose between stream and column view.


The screen also provides snapshots and details of these views.

2. The Stream-View

The stream-view brings up a stream of hot stories trending on the website at that moment.


3. Login

Hit the ‘Login’ button (that sits towards the top right corner) to add an account and login from it.


4. Go to a subreddit

There are two ways to go to a subreddit. First is to click on the ‘Open a Subreddit‘ option on the left panel :


and the second way is to the specify a subreddit in the text box that is also present in the left panel:


For example, I opted to go to the /r/linux subreddit :


5. Type A Post

Users can type a post through the text box present at the top of the stream. Once the text box is clicked, a quick editor appears.


You can choose the type of post (Link/Text/Image) and hit the ‘Post’ button to submit the content.

6. Reply Through Comments

Each post contains a ‘Reply’ button at the bottom of it. You can use this button to preview and post comments.


7. Column View

Remember that we selected stream-view initially? Now, to select column-view, just click on the ‘Column View’ button that sits towards the top left in the options panel. Once done, the column view gets activated.


So you can see that the subreddits are now displayed in columns.

8. Add A New Column

To add a new column, click the ‘Add Column’ button that sits towards the top left in the options panel. Once done, the following menu is displayed :


Click on the ‘Subreddit’ option and the following text box appears :


Here you can enter the subreddit name. For example, I entered ‘linux’. The related options are also displayed from which a user can choose the desired subreddit.

Once you hit the ‘Create Column’ button, the column will be added to the existing column list in the column view.


So you can see that the column corresponding to the subreddit /r/linux is added to the main window.

9. Various Options

The application provides a lot of options that are displayed on the left panel. Click on any of the option to tweak related configuration.

For example, here is a snapshot of general options :


As you can see, other options like ‘Filter’, ‘Theme’, etc. can also be accessed from the bottom of this pop-up window.

10. Search Posts And Subreddits

To search a keyword within posts and subreddits, click on the generic search box that sits towards the top-right corner of the application and input the keyword.


You can click on the ‘Post’ button (see the snapshot above) to toggle search between posts and subreddits.

11. Access User Profile

You can easily access your reddit profile by clicking on the ‘Activities -> My Profile’ from the options panel.


Besides these, the application provides lots of other options/features.


Here are some of the important links related to this application :

Alternatively, you can download this application through command line download managers like apt-get, yum etc.  Ubuntu users can also use Ubuntu Software Centre to download this application.


  • Smart and easy-to-use GUI
  • Lots of features




  • The application shows advertisements
  • You need to have libudev0 (>=147) installed before installing reditr. Otherwise the installation gives Dependency is not satisfiable: libudev0 (>=147) error. As a solution, debian users can download the 32-bit version or 64-bit version packages of this library. Others can visit this discussion.


Reditr is an excellent desktop application for reddit. I personally felt that it has a better GUI than the website. The smart UI and plethora of features make it a must have application for any reddit user. Try it, you’ll definitely love it.

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