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By | 06/08/2013

cat command is one of the very popular command line utilities in Linux. It is mostly used to view contents of a file on command line but can do a lot more than that. In fact it derives its name from the word concatenate which means that it was primarily developed to concatenate multiple files.

Here in this article, I will present you links to some useful and informational articles on cat command from around the web. I hope this article will serve as one stop solution for all you wanted to know about cat utility in Linux

Linux cat command resources

Detailed tutorials

Here are some of the excellent tutorials that describe cat in detail. These articles explain most of the options (that cat command provides) through meaningful and easy to understand examples.

I hope these tutorials will help you in understanding the fundamentals of cat command along with all the available options.

Tips and tricks

In this section I will present some blogs/websites that have published some cool tips and tricks related to cat command.

1. Linux Video tricks with cat – This article provides some cool cat tricks like how you can use cat command to test a TV tuner or web-cam and how cat can be used to merge small video files.

2. Trick to enable cat to display directory contents – This article provides a geeky way to plug-in directory reading capability with cat command. This might not be highly useful but worth checking out at least.

3. Combine cat command with tr and xargs commands – This article provides some useful examples for situations where you want to tweak the display format of cat command. It also provides a couple of other tips also.

Other links

An interview with the author of Mastering cat – It would be hard to digest for many but it is true that someone can write a complete book on cat command. Meet Shlomi Fish, author of the book Mastering cat and learn what prompted him to write a book on cat command. Do read the book!!!


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