About MyLinuxBook

Hi all, we started this blog to share any and everything about Linux but after an year we realized that there are so many obscure/interesting/useful Linux related applications available which most of the Linux users don’t know about. So, now we mainly focus on exploring and publishing useful information related to such Linux based applications along with op-ed articles. Though we will continue publishing useful Linux related concepts.

The members of team MLB are committed to bring the best of their knowledge to this blog and would appreciate your support in form of comments, feedback etc.

Here is the team :

Himanshu Arora is a software programmer, open source enthusiast and Linux researcher. He writes technical articles for various websites and blogs. Some of his articles have been featured on IBM developerworks, ComputerWorld and in Linux Journal. He is the administrator of the blog and also contributes useful posts on the blog. Himanshu can be reached at  himanshuz.chd[at]MAILSERVER[dot]com (where MAILSERVER=gmail).