How To Get Pidgin Working With Gtalk And Avoid “not authorized” Error

By | December 22, 2020

Today, I was looking for a way to permanently remain online in Gmail chat even if the window is not active. I stumbled upon a suggestion to install an internet messenger like Pidgin and connect it to Gtalk in order to remain online. I decided to download, install and use Pidgin to solve my problem but got stuck with another problem. Lets discuss the problem I faced with Pidgin and understand how I solved it.

I am using Ubuntu 13.04, so I decided to download Pidgin through the Ubuntu software centre. Once done, I opened the messenger window and this is what I got for the first time :

I clicked the ‘Add’ button to add an account and another window appeared :

I selected Gtalk from the list of protocols and filled in other details as shown below :

The username and password details that I filled in this form were my Gmail account details. As soon as I clicked ‘Add’, a activation window ‘Accounts’ appeared :

Until this point, everything went smoothly. Now, In this window whenever I tried to click the ‘Enabled’ check box to activate this account, I got the following error :

So, this is the ‘Not Authorized’ error problem that I was talking about in the beginning of the article.

At first, I could not understand the reason behind it and tried to click the ‘Enabled’ check box multiple times (in the previous window) but it was of no use. Then I googled a bit and realised that Pidgin gives this kind of a problem while connecting to Gmail accounts that have Two-Step Verification ON. So was in my case.

To make Pidgin connect and sign-in properly, users need to generate and set an application specific password for Pidgin in your Google accounts.

To do this :

  • Go to your google accounts by logging in to
  • In the ‘Security’ menu (left side of the window), go to the 2-step verification section
  • Under this section., click the ‘Manage your application-specific passwords’ link.
  • Sign-in again (if prompted)
  • Set any name relevant to the application. For example, pidgin-messenger and hit the ‘Generate Password’ button.
  • Copy the password generated (along with the spaces, it doesn’t matter) and hit the ‘done’ button.

Now, hit the ‘Modify account’ button on the Pidgin window, paste the copied password in the ‘password’ text box and click the ‘save’ button. You will again be presented the ‘Add accounts’ window. In this window try again to tick the ‘Enabled’ check box

This time pidgin should connect to the server successfully as it did in my case :

Did you try Pidgin or any other Internet messenger to connect to Gtalk on Linux? Share your experience with us

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